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beauty serum (stick) scotcher, i taped a list to the fridge door. . # Funny spa woman applying fresh facial mask with cucumbers. "Antioxidants are those agents which can counteract the effects of oxidant radicals." Oxidant radicals - or free radicals, as they are commonly called - are byproducts of the body that can cause damage to cells and tissues.

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beauty serum

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I saw this being shelled out heavily on Instagram so wanted to find out what the hype was about. While this is a very softening ha, there are more alternatives in the market at the same price point that offer a higher quality. The product still works though and I thoroughly enjoy using it but I'm questioning if it's worth the price. 2, waste of money and time, feels like i've splashed water on my face, for what i've paid for it wasnt worth. Doesn't do nothing to my skin, skin feels tight and no signs of blemishes disappearing or reducing wrinkles for sure. A pretty good product. After using the mabel meg serum for 3 weeks, i have to say that I noticed differences to my complexion.

beauty serum

It felt like i had to use a lot of the gesichtshaare product (perhaps I alka didn't) and the bottle was finished in three weeks. For the price, it's just not realistic to purchase and use consistently. I did use it morning and night and my skin looked brilliant. If you don't want an oil, this is a great choice and it does work. I plan on buying again and will use sparingly to see what results I get.

I've noticed that Vitamin C products tend to be expensive, so this is a good price point. 5, can't live without it, spent the weekend without. Yes but no, at first, i thought that i've found the one. My skin was very smooth but after a week of using it, turns out to be very useless. I only have blemishes during my "bad period" of the month so i gave it an other shot. My blemishes were still there and my skin was not so smooth. 4, i mean it worked but it's not worth the price.

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Now that I'm back to normal, starskin i'll return to my stronger Vit c, but I'll keep a bottle in my cabinet for emergencies like this. Eliminates dry skin, i'm so pleased with this serum. I have lifelong dry skin and after using this my usually flaky nose is smooth. I'm particularly happy because many acidic products have been too irritating to me in the past. I bought this product a few months ago and thought I would review, as i've just left a review on the sunday riley juno oil. The mabel and Meg serum is brilliant: it brightens, hydrates and softens. The only issue is how quickly i went through the bottle.

beauty serum

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It makes my skin look radiant, smooths away (most) of my dry patches (cold-weather) and has banished the beginnings of my first super fine-line forehead wrinkle. It's an excellent base for make-up, and a procedure staple in my skincare routine. My only negative is that it is rather pricey for only 30ml of product, and it only lasts for about 6 weeks, but I do use it twice a day. In any case, for me, it's well worth the spend. 5, calming, i over-exfoliated my skin after a breakout-bout, and there was crusting and bad hyperpigmentation. I wanted to use a vit c, but everything was too strong on my peeling skin. This one was super-gentle, helped the crusts/scabs to fall off, and healed the hyperpigmentation faster. Plus, the hyaluronic soothed my angry skin.

I even stopped using it for a week to check aziatische the i noticed a difference only after I stopped using it - no, my skin stayed in the same condition. In the end, it's nice, but nothing more. I got a new product and hope it will give me better results. Fingers crossed 5, hG status! This is one of my hg products - i really notice the difference whenever I run out of the product, or stop using. I have combo, super-sensitive, acne prone skin (fun, i know! and this doesn't irritate or breaks me out, unlike some other Vitamin C serums.

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Mabel megLumilixir Serum 20ml p Jam-packed with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid, mabel meg #8217;s Lumilixir Serum is a skin-perfecting powerhouse. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C deflects the damaging effects of everyday exposure to pollutants while kick-starting collagen creation, while hyaluronic acid #8211; a naturally occurring carbohydrate #8211; is phenomenally hydrophilic (water-loving it attracts and retains up to 1000 times its own molecular weight in water. Instantly neus absorbed with no trace of residue, this acts like a long drink for thirsty complexions #8211; hydrating and replenishing to swiftly restore #8216;bounce #8217; and youthful dewiness. Apply all over your complexion after cleansing, pat over clean lips to plump and prep for liquid lipstick, or buff on top of base to achieve the most flawless, luminous skin-finish. nbsp; /p mam001 20ml0015 stars, based on39 reviews.00Cult beautyNew. Add to wishlist 20ml -.00 30ml -.00, item added to bag, view our Shipping Policy here. Contact us referencing product code mam001 3, overpriced i guess it's an ok product but I didn't see a significant improvement. I have combination skin, i like to define it dry in the morning and an oil slick in the afternoon/evening i used it mostly in the morning as I have a stable night routine that works and was looking for a vit c product. I was looking for radiance and hydration.

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