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Wonderstruck is the first fragrance doen from the young American pop - country singer taylor Swift, launched in cooperation with the cosmetic company Elizabe. edna, maes sour Cream Pancakes, adapted from The pioneer Woman cooks. Ree says this makes 12 4-inch pancakes; I got 8 that were closer to 5 inches. ( voor het internet). (-; Uiteraard moest ik vaker ff wandelen want het ging af en toe pittig bergop. (1 augustus 2012) Tussen Kunst Kitsch en Coniferen Op vrijdag 3, zaterdag 4 en zondag 5 augustus wordt op Landgoed Schovenhorst de jaarlijkse zomermarkt georganiseerd "Tussen Kunst Kitsch coniferen". "Wat denk jij Bas.?" aangezien San de tikjes overduidelijk prettig had gevonden kletste ik er nog een paar keer shovel op "zullen we haar haar zin maar geven?".

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Instead, it falls right in line with the vast array of celebrity perfumes as it's safe and marketable. These qualities on their own don't make the fragrance awful as everyone has her own tastes when it comes to scents. I suspect this will appeal more so to a youthful crowd, perhaps one hunting for clean, simple scents, than a more mature and more perfume-experienced demographic. Recommended For: young women (teens and 20s) looking for clean, fresh scents will probably enjoy this, and I think it would make a good starter perfume for a young lady who is just starskin beginning to dabble in the wide world of fragrances. For that audience, i think wonderstruck is a perfect pick, but it will probably underwhelm anyone older or anyone who has amassed a diverse scent collection.

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Granted, there is nothing wrong with perfumes that appeal to a large audience, but I wish celebrity scents would at least make an effort to display some degree of variety and creativity. For me, wonderstruck is a paradigm of the typical celebrity scent for women: uncomplicated, simple, and generic enough klinkhamer to be inoffensive and marketable. The note combination here is nothing that hasn't been done before and it will be imitated again. The only remotely interesting note here is the tea though i agree that tea has been used in so many perfumes now that it has ceased to be innovative. (Though I don't abhor tea notes as I think bvlgari The rouge red tea is a pleasant scent that retains a strong, evident tea note all throughout.). Concerning longevity, wonderstruck was very weak on me as it lasted about 40 minutes before it faded into obscurity, never to return even through its base notes. This fragrance seems to have a concentration more befitting a body splash than a perfume (though longevity can vary person to person, and I confess I struggle to find scents that can last 4 hours on me). To use this as a body spray makes it perhaps worth a try, but the base price seems a tad steep for an under-performing concoction that one could find a cheaper dupe of at Bath body works. Overall, taylor Swift's Wonderstruck is a misnomer as nothing here evokes any sense of wonder.

However, my decision to try this perfume was based solely on its combination of notes (and, admittedly, the gorgeous bottle) than the name attached. Note-wise, wonderstruck strives to be a fresh, clean scent with a hint of sweetness tempered by an underlying tea note. On me, the more dominant note calorieen was the berry duo (raspberry and blackberry) followed by a generic yet mellowed gourmand vanilla as it dried down. Sadly, i could just barely detect the tea and it was fleeting at best. In a word, i was disappointed. I sense more effort was put into the perfume bottle's design than the fragrance itself, which is a shame. Wonderstruck is, unfortunately, another run-of-the-mill celebrity fragrance intended to appeal to a broad commercial market.

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Design: 5/5 stars - the premier bottle is opaque and retains an iridescent quality that's quite beautiful as the play of colors are vibrant and evident from all angles in nearly any light. (The effect reminds me very much of "holographic" nail polish.) Three charms (a star, a bird, and a bird cage) adorn the top of the bottle and are attached to a chain connected to the cap. (These adornments do not appear to be detachable.) overall, i love this bottle as it's colorful without being garish and feminine without trying to be too girlish. Longevity: 0/5 stars - on me, this lasted up to 40 minutes before vanishing entirely. Silage: 0/5 stars - on me, this fragrance's projection was weak due to its poor longevity. Review: Wonderstruck is the debut fragrance of country-turned-pop princess, taylor Swift. Up front, i should note that while i'm not a fan. Swift, i take no immediate objection to her or her music.

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