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Thanks to scaling, you dont see those annoying black, dead spaces — which is a very good thing on this much larger screen — but the old apps look a little fuzzy. The issue isnt as bad on the iphone 6, but pixel snobs will spot it right away. Of course, as developers update their apps, this problem will disappear. Specs, the iphone 6 features minor hardware upgrades, but the.7-inch screen has the same pixel density of 326 ppi as the. It has a higher contrast ratio, though, making it appear brighter and the colors slightly richer. Theres a new 64-bit A8 processor onboard alongside 1gb of ram (we think) and the new M8 motion coprocessor. The iphone 6 loads websites faster than the iphone 5 and videos streamed just a bit faster on the 6, but the difference isnt astonishing. Most users will probably fork over the extra 100 for the 64gb version and we think thats just highway robbery.

iphone 6 hoesje jongens

The healthKit app isnt intuitive, easy to wrinkle use, or particularly useful. The absence of compatible apps due to a bug in the system has only exacerbated the issue. One of our favorite new features is the ability to add third-party keyboard apps. We tested Swiftkey on our iPhone 5 earlier this week and now we set it up on the iphone. Since the screen is so much bigger, its much easier to use the swipe-to-type function, and our fingers have more room to maneuver. We found that we made even fewer typos on the. Certain aspects of ios 8 are available only on the iphone 6 and 6 Plus, such as Apple pay (which hasnt been released yet) and reachability, the feature that aims to make using bigger screen iPhones easier for old-school iPhone users.

Tap twice on the home button, and all your apps slide down to meet your thumb. If you touch anywhere above the apps, the notification shade will drop. Even though we found the.7-inch screen easy enough to use one-handed, we could see how reachability would be helpful on the iphone 6 Plus. Sadly, the iphone 6 doesnt bestellen have landscape mode like the iphone 6 Plus, so when you tilt the phone horizontally in compatible apps, nothing happens. We were pretty bummed out about this. The other problem we faced with the user interface on the iphone 6 was that many apps have yet to update to accommodate the new pixel resolution of the screen and ios 8 itself.

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Its positioned much closer to the edge of the phone, though, so youll have to be careful not to cover the lens when taking pictures as you remedy hold the phone horizontally. Our review unit features the gold finish, which adds a bit of personality to the design. The only real complaint that we have about the phones design is the odd, white lines on the back. Personally, we wish the space between the white lines were filled in white as it is on the iphone. The lines look sloppy and almost accidental. Apple iphone 6 Compared to ios 8 shines, but apps need to update. Weve been using ios 8 since it arrived on September. It looks and works almost exactly like ios 7, but with a few minor alterations. Unfortunately, two of the biggest features — apple pay and healthKit — are currently unavailable.

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At this point, its a waste of space, but Apple is wedded to amsterdam the home button, where its touch id fingerprint sensor is located. The iphone 6 is just a hair narrower than the htc one M8 and quite a bit shorter. The power button has now moved to the right-hand side and we found that it aligned with our index finger or thumb well. Weve been hoping that Apple would move the power button ever since the iphone 5 came out. The new position makes it much easier to turn the phone on and off. Muscle memory will have hard-core iphone users looking for the button at the top, but the side switch is easier to reach. The camera sticks out slightly from the back of the device, but its not too noticeable.

The iphone 5S feels much more square in the hand than the iphone. The iphone 6s curves ensure that it nestles into your palms and eases the grip of your fingers on the side. Even so, lichaam we found it more slippery to hold, though not as much as the. The screen curves slightly in to meet the body of the phone, furthering the illusion of a perfect, seamless case. In terms of size, the iphone 6 is narrower than the 2014 Moto x, but it looks just about as tall as the new Moto, which has.2-inch screen. Oddly, its huge top and bottom bezels make it the same size as the. Moto x, even though it has a smaller screen.

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After years of eschewing larger screen sizes, Apple has finally submitted to peer pressure and released two significantly larger iPhones. The iphone 6 may be the cerimonia more petite of the two, but its still significantly bigger than the 4-inch iPhone. How will iPhone users whove never even touched a phablet in their lives react to the iphone 6 and how does it compare to the competition? Heres what we think based on our first impressions of the iphone 6 and the iphone 6 Plus. Please note that this is merely a first impressions piece, as weve only just gotten our hands on the new iPhone. We will update this post with a more in-depth review as soon as possible. Hands on video, incredibly slim and finally bigger, the first thing you notice about the iphone 6 is the obvious thing — its bigger. It seems as though Apple took great care to make the new iPhone feel normal, and it does fit perfectly in any size hands. Part of its success is owed to the slimmer, and slightly rounded design.

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