A good Appetite, butter for greasing pan 3 blood oranges 1 cup (200 grams or 7 ounces) sugar. Scant 1/2 cup (118 ml) buttermilk or plain yogurt 3 large eggs 2/3 cup (156 ml) extra virgin olive oil 1 3/4 cups (219 grams or 7 3/4 ounces) all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons (8 grams) baking powder 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt. Whipped cream, for serving (optional preheat oven to 350 degrees. Butter a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan. Grate zest from 2 oranges and place in a bowl with sugar. Using your fingers, rub ingredients together until orange zest is evenly distributed in sugar. Supreme an orange: Cut off bottom and top so fruit is exposed and orange can stand upright on a cutting board. Cut away peel and pith, following curve of fruit with your knife.

double cream substitute creme fraiche meaning to tell you, is perfect again. And you should make it, you really should. Three years ago: Matzo ball soup, four years ago: Miniature soft Pretzels and. Sour Cream Bran Muffins, blood Orange Olive oil cake, adapted from.

Recognize any of these? Then you already know her. This woman has worked on more cookbooks than I can count on all of my fingers and toes (kindly, jacob lets me borrow his from time to time, or he did until we did this to him) and has been writing the. Good Appetite column for the new York times for several lines years. So, when I learned that she was writing her own book, with her own recipes, under her name only, levensmiddelen i was delighted. Her stories are brief but warm and her book seems like a natural fit for anyone who enjoys reading food blogs. But i know, youre just here for the cake. And you should be, as it meets all of the aforementioned olive oil requirements, but gets a little pretty-pretty boost from blood oranges. Oranges and olive oil are wonderful together; they both have bitter undertones and fruity finishes and in this cake, you taste both things with each bite. The cake has a wonderful rainy afternoon quality; the crumb of a great pound cake but multiple times more moist. It keeps like a charm; I confess to only remembering to photograph it three days later and I hardly could tell that a day had passed.

double cream substitute creme fraiche

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Ive been on the hunt for the perfect olive oil cake for some time now. I was hoping for one that would use olive oil alone for fat, and resist the temptation of butter, you know, better than i ever have. I was hoping for it to bake in a loaf pan, as rustic everyday cakes should, have a slight crunch at the edges, like a beloved one at a nearby coffee shop does. And above all else, i wanted it to be plain, simple, maybe a little zest for flavor but more less, about the olive oil which needs little in the way of a supporting cast. Well, i found most of those things, but I was tempted as most of us are in wintry areas by the startling red-rust-maroons of blood oranges and they landed up in the mix, too. Melissa Clark is convincing like that. Well, take a walk over to your cookbooks shelf, if you will.

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But the reason that Rebar still holds such a prominent position in the victoria food scene is its people. Throughout the years, audrey and her staff have been through and seen a lot, from flooding and fire, to breakages and no shows, yet there has always been laughter and an overwhelming sense of community. There have been parties, weddings, babies and funerals over the years and staff have gone on to create their own success stories. Some staff have been with Rebar since its infancy, most notably billy hilton, who audrey muses is loved by all and makes Rebar, well, rebar. Many staff have come and gone, only to come back again. Gord Martin opened the bins in Vancouver; Rob Bellamy moved on to the French laundry restaurant in California; and local cooking instructor extroardinaire, heidi fink, managed the rebar kitchen for a time. The list goes. There are so many creative and passionate people that contributed, past and present, to what Rebar is today.

double cream substitute creme fraiche

Since the architecture of the building made this impossible, audrey only had two options: close the doors or break the lease and re-locate. Nestled in the heart of Bastion Square, audrey found an odd-ball half underground empty space for face lease that had previously been home to a store that sold military memorabilia. The building was constructed for the royal Trust bank in the 1930s and the space that would become the rebars kitchen was the banks vault (so you know the food is safe!). With the help of an insightful loan manager, the only one in Victoria who could appreciate audreys passion, rebar primed to be reborn. Buckets of green paint, kitschy second-hand art and those signature mexican-oilcloth table coverings were justart. Soon local artists and artisans were contributing to rebars eclectic feel, creating the iconic pieces, like ken Banners auto-glass Elvis and Sandra millots colourful mosaics, that encapsulate rebars culture to this day. A bigger space called for a bigger staff and Audrey began to build a team of family and friends that shared her vision of delivering seasonal, local, organic food and doing it really well.

Ver the past twenty-some years, rebar Modern food has grown into a downtown Victoria institution. People come from all over the world to munch on the health sustaining, casual kraken decadence that Rebar serves up and bask in the bohemian vibe audrey and her team created. Rebar has even seen its fair share of celebrity patrons:. Lang was practically a regular for a time, with an obvious penchant for hotcakes, and Olympia dukakis had a piece of pumpkin pie delivered to her suite at the Empress every day of her stay in Victoria. Rebar even took a role of its own in the original Final Destination film (now a cult classic receiving a makeover to appear as le café miro, located in France.

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Ust as industrial rebar gives support and strength to structures, tasty, nutritious food provides valuable support for the body and mind. With this philosophy, audrey set to work, transforming the 550. Ft space into rebar Modern food. Very much a labour of love, audrey spent hours precariously perched on scaffolding, applying a most likely toxic silver boat paint and corrugated metal siding to the walls. She accented the space with an ethereal touch of femininity (twinkly lights and plastic roses) and even brought in the electric stove from her very own kitchen. Rebar opened its doors to the public in February 1988.

That first day proved to be a model for what Rebar would become—the little restaurant that could. Even in the blinding snow, rebar took in 400 that day and enchanted a steady stream of regulars to keep coming back for more. Like the juices they were serving, everything about Rebar was new and fresh and people wanted to be a part. Growth was organic and, as demand for Rebars wares increased, so did Audreys staff, bringing with them ideas for menu items that are still customer favourites to this day. But before her team could get too comfortable, trouble came knocking in the form of a fire inspector. Arely a year in, a fire inspector determined Audrey would need to install a ventilation system in order to continue cooking at Rebar.

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Inspired by her talented and fearless peers, audrey soon caught nutrilite the entrepreneurial spirit and decided to plant her own vibrant roots in the downtown core. Audrey often frequented an avant garde juice bar in seattle. The Gravity bar, located in historic pike place, literally buzzed with energy, giving birth to a culture of its very own. Fusing hippy-chic neo-noir retro-fitted coolness, this place brought together the best of the best: healthy, delicious food irendsetting atmosphere. Audrey was smitten with the concept and she wanted to be the one to bring it to victoria. Working with friends in the restaurant business, making decisions that helped those businesses flourish, audrey saw her seed of an idea start to sprout. When she spotted an empty storefront on Lower Johnson., she immediately thought, a little Gravity bar!

double cream substitute creme fraiche

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Rising Star bakery, bagga pasta, islands West Produce, lekker foods. Psc natural foods, sysco, snowcap, trigo foods, driftwood Brewery. Hoyne Brewery, lighthouse Brewing. Phillips Brewery, vancouver Island Brewing. Merridale Estate cidery,. Mission Hill Winery, nutrifaster juice for Life, betekenis russell food Equipment. Our food, our food, our food, our Story. Our Story ailing from the mecca of progressive dining that is Portland, or, audrey alsterberg arrived in Victoria in the mid-1980s to be greeted by a culinary draught. She immediately threw herself into the local food scene, working alongside other pioneering chefs to change the way victoria dines.

That is ireland what matters most. We purchase from local sources whenever available, which means that summertime is when we feature the most locally grown and organic produceoften picked just hours before you eat it! During the off-seasons, we source from local greenhouses and will choose west coast over East coast when ordering items not available locally. We are very fortunate to partner with the following local friends and suppliers: saanich Organics: feisty field Farm, northbrook farm three oak farm. Haliburton Farm, westwind Farm, saltspring Island Exotic Mushrooms sprouts. Mystic Ridge farm, finest at sea seafood, hilarys Artisan Cheese. Little qualicum Cheeseworks, caffe Umbria coffee roasting. Silk road tea. Cascadia bakery, pure vanilla bakery cafe,.

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Refusing to embrace space-aged foods engineered to mimic freshness, rebar has always celebrated real, local flavour. At Rebar, eating modern means being aware: aware of where your food comes from and preparing and serving food responsibly, from seed to table. Rebar loreal proves that exotic flavours dont need to traverse the globe to reach your plate, especially since there is a wealth of culinary treasures in our own backyards. At Rebar Modern food, we prepare food for our customers just as we would cook for ourselves at home: carefully and conscientiously. Food is meant to nourish and Rebar focuses on serving food and juices that maintain as many nutrients as possible. Steaming and roasting vegetables, toasting and grinding spices, using fresh, hand-cut herbs in our dishes and fresh juice from our own juicers to enhance stocks, sauces and dressings: at Rebar, you enjoy real, gourmet food because we never fake. Fresh, authentic, nourishing food.

Double cream substitute creme fraiche
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