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Eleise, make up beauty Blogger. Mabel and Meg, lumilixir serum has about. This little serum is oil free so good for all skin types and is 20 hyaluronic. Online shopping from a great selection at beauty personal Care Store. Find great deals on ebay for lumilixir serum. Serum for Face Online - buy the best Face. Serum at low price from nykaa. Choose the best skin whitening and brightening serums, anti-aging serums from top brands the best serum price list.

Mabel and Meg Lumilixir serum is the ultimate hydrator for your skin. This oil free smooth concentrate leverages the power of pure vitamin C with hyaluronic Acid to target dull and dehydrated skin, restoring youthful elasticity whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines, crema wrinkles and blemishes. 2 results for lumilixir gerechten serum amazon s Choice for lumilixir serum vitamin c, serum 4 oz with Organic hyaluronic Acid - lighten Sun Spots, Anti Aging. Free sample with this item. Simply add to basket as you checkout. We have put together an amazingly priced bundle, just for you! We re offering you a double dose of the.

Lumilixir Serum with a saving of 10 off the cost of each bottle when bought as a bundle! Jam-packed with vitamin c and hyaluronic acid, mabel megs Lumilixir Serum is a skin-perfecting powerhouse. Meg, lumilixir Serum, review. One of the reasons I like reviewing products on my blog is to share products I have been loving. Lumilixir Serum : does this product really work? Is this serum safe effective? Check customer reviews, benefits, side-effects and more.

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Whats your favourite skincare serum? Keep up to date with all my post. Bloglovin, follow me on twitter for daily chat instagram for pictures i also use rituals insta stories for blog updates/hauls/blogger mail. Have you checked out my, Channel? Follow: you may also enjoy: Sonam Lotay.

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After a mylene week or so i stopped using it to give my skin a break. I then patched tested an area of my skin, and once again I started breaking out. The breakouts werent small at all; they were massive breakouts which have left me with dark scarring. I was so disappointed, especially because before that, my skin had finally been probably at the best that its ever been in such a long time. Im really gutted that I have spent 39 on a serum that has made me breakout so badly and scarred my skin. As ive said, i read really positive reviews on this serum so it may just not have been the right product for. However, i really wanted to share my experience of this product.

As well as lichaam this, the reviews were all very positive so i was excited to try out this product. I started using this serum morning and night after cleansing and before moisturising. The applicator is a pipette dropper and Id say roughly 1-2 drops is plenty to cover the whole face. When you first put it on your skin, it has a refreshing feeling but it turns sticky very quickly so you need to give it a minute or so to set into the skin properly. I wasnt wowed by it the first time i used it but I wanted to try it a few times before I made my mind up of how I feel. Around the same time, i noticed my skin breaking out and at first I couldnt figure out what it was. Nothing had changed, and I had the same skincare routine with the exception of this serum.

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One of the reasons I like reviewing products on my blog is to share products I have been loving. . However, i think its equally important to tell you about the products I dont like too. Unfortunately this Mabel meg Lumixir Serum is one of them. Every time i finish a skincare product, i always have a look around to see what else is out there to try. I usually head to cult beauty and check out their skincare section as they have really useful filters which help narrow down options and find organic specifically what youre looking for. Once i filtered through what I was looking for, i came across the. Mabel meg Lumilixir Serum. The serum contains Vitamin c and hyaluronic acid and is supposed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes as well as being skin brightening, hydrating and collagen boosting. This for me is everything I could ever ask for in a skincare product.

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